25 thoughts on “John Aldridge & Jack Charlton Lose it at World Cup 1994”

  1. This was the worst World Cup ever held, an absolute shambles, quite

  2. @HereWeGoAgain595 That’s interesting considering Alfred Hitchcock was half
    Irish. I notice you also have uploaded 5 videos on “the Kennedy’s”[sic]. Do
    you have some kind of Irish obsession? 

  3. There were some real talented English players in our Ireland team bringing
    with them that Bulldog spirit. Fucking mental they are the English.

  4. @0manutd7 your team are sht.lets keep this simple…ireland get robbed and
    englannd get robbed by fifa all the time.but if were talking about ireland
    vs england then lets see what happens

  5. @xthailsx SCHEISSE!!! yer mum is an animal that luvs it from back. woof!

  6. I watched this game with me Irish granma(RIP) even she was swearing at the
    TV,great times LOL

  7. It was 35 degrees celcius under the mid day sun and very stressful, no
    wonder they lost their cool.

  8. john is a legend, i respect him as a Liverpool n Rof Ireland player, from a
    Norn Iron fan.

  9. they found a 500 year old skeleton in a broom cupboard the other day. it
    was the irish hide and seek world champion.

  10. Mr The-man-in-Yellow-Hat, thanks very much for firing up Aldo to score that
    goal in that game that meant we qualified over Norway on goal difference!!!
    Lots of people sent Big Jack money to pay the fine, but he wouldn’t take
    it, saying he was big enough to pay his own fines…he sent the money onto
    the Escobar family, who’s poor son was shot dead for scoring an own goal
    that contributed to Colombia’s early exit! Jack is a legend!

  11. I agree, it is another case of the Irish being treated as idiots and I’m
    from Outer Mongolia.

  12. @shankillroadman are you sure? i thought only 3 of the team was born in
    england for that game? what nationality is owen hargeaves?

  13. in 1994? which players did he leave out? leave Moran on the bench? fell out
    with Ronnie?Quinn injured?. of course his problems with Brady and Stapleton
    , earlier were not good.

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