25 thoughts on “Finnegan’s Hell – “The Boys in Green Will Conquer ” Ireland Euro 2012 Song”

  1. GO FUCK YERSELF LAD! Now I may be across the sea cheerin for the boys in
    Blue & White but during this, I cheered for the lads in green all the way.

  2. You want a comment? You. Guys. FUCKING ROCK! I hope you have an album,
    because I’m buying it. OUTSTANDING!

  3. On the irish punk/rock part of youtube, people always talk about flogging
    molly and dropkick murphys Are they like the most succesful bands in the

  4. zielony jest piękny! Irlandia została oficjalnym mistrzem, kibicowania :]
    Brawo Zieloni !!!

  5. A my mamy koko chuj ci w oko::D:D:D Grecy nie przyjadą bo kryzys, Czesi
    naszych ich piwem spiją a Ruscy jak przegrają to nam gaz odetną i tyle w

  6. I’m Italian, but I love Ireland so much that I’ll support both in Euro
    2012. I hope we’ll both pass the group stages, and may Trap get the cat in
    the sack again, letting the boys in green conquer! Great song by the way,
    cheers lads!

  7. Nice. Makes me cheering for The Boys in Green. LOL THE BOYS IN GREEN WILL

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